1. Who is developing the project?
2. How much is the minimum amount that can be invested in a co-op by an individual?
3. Can I purchase memberships in more than one co-op?
4. Do I need to live in the area to be a member of a renewable energy co-op?
5. Can I sell my membership?
6. Can a membership be shared between multiple people?
7. What happens if the project(s) do not get contacts from the Ontario Power Authority?
8. What is an Offering Statement?
9. Who is the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and why are they involved in co-ops?
10. Why use an Offering Statement?
11. I purchased a membership but at what point do I have to pay for my shares?
12. What is an Escrow account?
13. How long do these projects typically take to develop?
14. Is there an approval process for these projects?